Thursday, 9 January 2014

Rental Show at CityScape Gallery in North Vancouver

Happy New Year to you all!

It is this time of year when the CityScape Gallery North Vancouver Community Arts Council 
335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver is having their rental show. 
More than 100 artists will show their work. I will have 8 paintings for rent or buy there.

Come for the opening and see the excitment or please come another time and enjoy the show quietly. The show will be up until the 25th of January but the paintings will stay for a year in the Gallery.  The concept of renting is a nice one. It allows you to thing about the piece you choose and decide if you would like to buy it. It is especialy good the the larger and more expensive pieces.

Hope to see you there! Catherine

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Merry Christmas to All

From Bird on the Wire


 Bean Around the World.

Karen Unger-Strickland, the owner of Bird on the Wire, set up the 5sense paintings at Bean Around the world on Main St in Vancouver, Sunday December 15th. The show will continue until the end of April. Karen is a very creative person and did a nice job of exhibiting our paintings on 4 walls. Thanks to her.

Here are the walls in the coffee shop.

Please see my paintings below:

Up to work
Acrylic on canvas

Coffee Break
Acrylicon canvas

Intuition 11
Acrylic on canvas

Intuition 29
Acrylic on canvas

Of course, we still have more paintings at Bird on the Wire across the street from the coffee shop.
So please if you have a minute go and see the store it is full of very creative objects made by BC artists.

 The other peace of news is that the Red Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria is going to move to a larger Gallery space just a few block away in February. This is a great peace of news for all of us Artists in the Gallery.

Flower 5
Acrylicon Canvas 

Okanagan 5
Acrylic on canvas

I wish you all the best for  the Holiday Season!

See you in 2014 for another exiting year full of new creativities.

All the best to all of you.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Continuation of the Fall activities

Hello art lover,

This past weekend was the East End Art Crawl in Vancouver. I went to 1000 Parker Street in East  Vancouver, climbed to the 4th floor and started my tour. There were hundreds of artists showing their work, from wood working to glass blowing, all sorts of paintings, pottery and more and more....You could easily spend days visiting and talking to artists there, there were so many things to see this was incredible.

I went to visit my  friend Ronna Ander who was there on the 4th floor showing her fantastic abstract paintings.
Here is some of Ronna's work. 
Ronna's blog 

I also really liked the potter Ronda Green who was showing there. She was making not only bowls and plates but also beautiful jewelry with big Raku beads. Using the Japanese  Raku technique that I really like.

Fall is a busy time of year in the Art world and therefore for me as well. Lots going on everywhere. Art Fairs, Shows and exhibits. That's why I am showing my work in many different places in Europe and here in Vancouver.

In Europe I have paintings in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany and in Soleure, Switzerland.

 Here is the link: Kunst Supermart Soleure Switzerland This the 14th annual show and I am showing my work for the 3rd time. 

For the Kunst supermarket in Berlin you can see the link on my previous blog. It is a good one because it explain how the supermarket works.

I also exhibit in a furniture gallery called Trisconi Meubles in Vionnaz Valais, where I sold a large painting and a small dypthique this month. Thanks to my great friend Myriam who coordinated  it all.

Passion Series 7

Here in Vancouver I am showing at Bird on the Wire on Main street in Vancouver until the end of November.

From December and until April I will be with the 5enses showing at Bean Around the World
2528 Main St in Vancouver.

Here are the paintings that I will be exhibiting.

Across the Bridge

Busy Lives

Morning Rise

Up to Work

Coffee Break

The biggest fundraiser for CityScape Gallery, the community Art Gallery in North Vancouver.

I have three paintings at the 9th Anonymous Art Show 2013, CityScape Gallery on Lonsdale Ave. in North Vancouver. The opening night is November 21 and the show goes through the 21st of December. The choice is best the first evening of course and everyone who buys leaves with their new painting. They also find out  who the artist is after they have paid for the painting.There are more than 800 paintings to choose from, it is  FUN!

Go and try to find mine!!

That's all for now, see you soon on my next blog.
Have a fun beginning of the Christmas Season!

Catherine Fields

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

November 2013

Autumn Goings On

We had an incredible Fall with stunning colours and blue sky most of the time. That is the best recipe for inspiration and productivity in the studio for me!
Here are some of my new paintings.

Fall Delight 
 Acrylic on canvas

Above the Clouds
Acrylic on canvas

Fall Landscape
acrylic on canvas

Three ways to look at one painting!

When I start a painting I have a rough idea about the colours and the mood I want to give. Then I go with my instinct and feeling of the moment. It is like my painting is asking me for certain things to happen. I veil, add and change until I feel it makes sense to me. Sometimes I turn the painting and continue until I feel I cannot add anything to it.

So lets have a bit of fun with this painting!

Here is the same painting that I think looks quite different as you turn it.

Play the game and think what you see in each of the three versions.

Take some time to think about it.

Below I will tell you what I see.

Three Ways
Acrylic on canvas 

What did you see?

Here is what I see.

On top I see an abstract painting with shapes and fall colours
In the middle is a face with eyes, nose and ears
The bottom painting has a landscape feel to it

Berlin, Germany

Also the Berlin Art Market started on October 25th  
Here are two of the 48 painting I have in the show



Here is the link to learn more about the Berlin Art Market:

It is going to be on for three months until the end of January 2014

 Art Super Market of Soleure Switzerland
Opening night on November 8th, continues until January 5th

Here are two of the 52 paintings that I will have in this show



Here is the link to the Soleure Art Market

Thanks for reading my blog,

Friday, 11 October 2013

Kunstsupermarkt in Berlin, Germany

Hello everyone,

While I was in Switzerland this Summer I was invited to participate in the Kunstsupermarkt in Berlin, Germany. They have art markets  in Berlin and Frankfurt in the same format as the one I have participated in Soleure, Switzerland. I was selected for the Berlin art sale.  This is going to be the 13th Art Supermarkt. The address for those who might be there is: Friedrichstrasse, 67-70, at The Q downstairs. 

Here are some photos of paintings I will have there.

This Art Supermarkt will last three months. The opening will be on October 25, Friday at 1PM and the art sale will last until the end of January 2014.

All the best and thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Falls exhibits

Hi everyone,

Falls is definitely back around here and so is the Exhibit Season.

I am showing with the 5enses at Delany's in Dundarave Village in West Vancouver for the months of September and October 

Delany's in Dundarave Village
on Marine Drive in West Vancouver

Bird on a Wire
2535 Main Street in Vancouver

With the 5enses again, we had our private viewing at Bird on a Wire October 3rd.  It was a beautiful night and Karen, with her team, did a great job showcasing our paintings in her store. 
Thank you to them!
Our paintings are going to be there for the month of October and November.
Hope you have time to go, there are a lot of nice things in that store!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

You are invited to our Private View with Raven's Rest Studio and 5enses
hosted by Bird on a Wire Creations! 
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Please join us for an evening of Art!

Hosted by Bird on a Wire Creations

When:  October 3rd, 7-9:30 pm
Where:  2535 Main Street, Vancouver
Who:  The Bird on a Wire community, you and your guests!
What:  Private View is a series of events scheduled to run on the first Thursday of every second month. These informal evenings feature works by select visual artists. You're welcome to drop by, or stay for the whole evening. Wine and snacks will be served.
Why: View affordable art, and meet local artists!
Meet this month's featured artists:
Please join us as we feature Raven's Rest Studio, and the art collective, 5enses this Private View! With a focus on upcycling, Raven's Rest creates quirky yet delicate gifts for those you love, while the five women painters of 5enses have such a special synergy, we felt the need to highlight them as a group. We look forward to seeing you!
RAVEN'S REST STUDIO has a way of taking forgotten items and making them absolutely unforgettable. Jennifer Conway, owner and designer of Raven's Rest, works out of her home studio where she repurposes recycled items and creates the most beautiful keychains, necklaces, and even cuff links! Her objects are delicate, yet bold taking inspiration from her surroundings, while also embracing the quirky.  

CATHERINE FIELDS  -  A background of creative expression in art teaching, writing children’s books, doing pottery, quilting, and numerous other artistic endeavours was not enough for Catherine. With her energy, emotion, and life experience set to burst, she was compelled to start painting. With no time for traditional approaches to art, she had to paint as free, wild, and abstract as the storm of energy inside her. Using brush loads of colour that sweep from one end of the canvas to the other, she creates the painting that is full of her happiness, joy, and good feelings about life.

Intuition, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24"

THERESE LYDIA JOSEPH  - Every day she stumbles upon the hidden beauty of ordinary, often unnoticed, and disregarded subjects. Her aim is to grab hold of the intense feeling these experiences provoke in her, and capture it on canvas. When she feels the same awareness of wonder stirring, as when she first came upon the hidden beauty, she knows the painting is done and art is created. Her new abstract series Dare to Dream echoes possibilities of a strong pursuit. Her figurative/abstract and textured series Dare to Live portrays critical and tender moments of life in general.

A Third Time Around, acrylic collage, 16"x16"

MENA MARTINI - "Art is a flickering moment of beauty, a grasping silence." Born in Italy, Mena Martini has lived in France, Mexico, and Canada. Today she works in Vancouver as an artist and a writer. She has exhibited in Canada and in Europe where she was part of the Italy in the World multimedia installation at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Mena's compositions are mostly abstract; her spontaneous brushstrokes and vivid colours convey a personal vision of nature as a reflection of the soul.

Exuberance, acrylic, 36"x36"

SARA MORISON -  For Sara, painting is a visual conversation -- a sensational dance, a moment, a feeling, an experience. She loves the process of creating, of delving into the unknown, of being in the moment, intuitively letting go to create balance. To risk, to veil, to try again. She enjoys playfully contrasting opacity with transparency, dark with light, and an emphasis on colour, line, and gesture.

Take Me to the Moon, cold wax & oil on panel, 16"x20"
Winter's Rust, diptych 12"x32", mixed media on cradle panel, 2013

LORI BAGNERES -  She is a contemporary visual artist living and working on the North Shore. Through mixed media techniques and the consistent employment of archetypal shapes such as circles, ovals, and spirals, her compositions draw the viewer into a natural continuum, suggesting our commonality with diverse forms on earth and in the cosmos. Her latest series combines her textured painted cradle panels, photos of crows migrating to and from urban and rural parts of the lower Mainland with images of grungy worn walls accumulated throughout her travels - a unique genre of abstract landscape.